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Pandion Haliaetus




Ospreys weigh 0.9–2.1 kg, measure 50–66 cm and have a wingspan of around 127–180 cm. They are brown above and white below, and overall whiter than most raptors. The head is white with a broad brown stripe through the eye. Males slimmer with narrower wings, but sexes generally are similar in appearance.

Habitat & Distribution

These fish-eating birds often seen near water bodies like saltmarshes, rivers, ponds, and estuaries. They nest in open areas on poles, dead trees, and sometimes over water. In Europe, there are 19,200-27,100 mature individuals residing in Ireland, Scandinavia, Finland, Great Britain, France, and Portugal.



©Mark Zekhuis

Previous Species

Human persecution was the main historical threat to the species. Nowadays, the species is highly vulnerable to the effects of potential wind energy development but also to electrocution and collision with power lines as well as nesting disturbance as they build large nests on utility poles.

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