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Vanellus Vanellus

Northern Lapwing



The Northern Lapwing is a 28–33 cm long bird with a 67–87 cm wingspan and a body mass of 128–330 g. It is the shortest-legged of the lapwings. Males have long crests, black crown, throat, and breast with a white face. Females and young species have shorter crests, less marked heads, and similar plumage.

Habitat & Distribution

Commonly found in open habitats: grassland, farmland, wetlands. Migratory species, wintering in North Africa or northern Asia. Northern Lapwings migrate in large flocks during the day. The populations in Europe stand at around 3,180,000-4,590,000 mature individuals and are present in most European countries.



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The Northern Lapwing faces multiple threats leading to its mortality. These include the intensification and change in agricultural practices, human hunting, pollution, nest predation by native and non-native predators and loss of its habitat. This species is also very sensitive to collision with power lines.

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