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Scolopax Rusticola

Eurasian Woodcock



©Piet Munsterman

This medium-small bird measures 33–38 m in length, including the 6–8 cm long straight beak, and has a wingspan of 55–65 cm. Adults have an enigmatic camouflage, with patterned reddish-brown upperparts and buff underparts. The wings are rounded and the base of the bill is flesh-coloured with a dark tip.

Habitat & Distribution

They usually avoid warm and dry habitats and are found during breeding season in moist forests and extensive broadleaf woodlands, with mosaic habitats including open areas where they can find their food. Europe hosts between 9,790,000-13,500,000 mature individuals, found in most European countries.



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The most significant threats to the Eurasian Woodcock are the increased fragmentation of habitas, the disappearance of permanent grasslands, the intensification of agricultural practices and avian influenza. Additionally, the species faces the peril of colliding with power cables, particularly in Belgium.

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