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Eurasian Curlew

Numenius Arquata



The Eurasian Curlew, the largest wader in its range, measures 50–60 cm in length, with an 89–106 cm wingspan and weighs 410–1,360 g. It has a greyish-brown body, white back, greyish-blue legs, and an exceptionally long, curved bill. Males and females look alike, but adult females have the longest bills.

Habitat & Distribution

The Curlew is a migratory species which winters in Africa, South Asia and Southern Europe. They inhabit coasts, mudflats, marshes, and grasslands. In Europe, their population ranges from 405,000-553,000, found throughout the continent. Their population is declining due to habitat loss and disturbance.




This species faces significant threats including habitat loss, elevated rates of egg and chick mortality resulting from agricultural practices, human disturbance, and the hazard of collision with power lines. In Belgium particularly collision with power lines cause a serious threat to the Eurasian Curlew.

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