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Aegypius Monachus

Cinereous Vulture



©Joerg Mager

The Cinereous Vultures, among the world's largest and heaviest raptors, measure 98–120 cm in length and boast a wingspan of 2.5–3.1 m. Males typically weigh between 6.3 and 11.5 kg, while females can reach weights of 7.5 to 14 kg. These birds are dark, with brown body and pale head covered in blackish down.

Habitat & Distribution

Europe hosts around 2,700 breeding pairs, found in Spain, Portugal, France, and Greece. Their favourite habitat is forested areas in hills and mountains. This vulture is a bird of hilly, mountainous areas, especially favoring dry semi-open habitats such as meadows at high altitudes over much of the range.



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The main threats to the species are direct mortality caused by humans, decreasing availability of food, habitat destruction, electrocution at power lines - being the leading cause of death of the species in France - and collision. They are also particularly sensitive to disturbance during the breeding season.

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