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Aquila Fasciata

Bonelli's Eagle



©Vincent Palomarès

The adult is relatively short in length, with a total length of 55–74cm, a wingspan of 150–180 cm and a weight of between 2-3 kg. Adult males are predominantly dark brown above with a white mantle below the nape which stretches towards the upper back, as well as a long narrow grey tail tipped with black.

Habitat & Distribution

Bonelli's Eagle inhabits various habitats including woodland, cliffs, and rocky areas. It is distributed across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. In Europe, it can be found in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and the Balkans. The population is estimated to be around 8,000-10,000 breeding pairs.




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The species is affected by the use of pesticide in agriculture, persecution by hunters, declining prey availability, increasing human disturbance and poaching at nest sites and high mortality from electrocution and collisions with power lines. Its interactions with power lines are a major threat of local extinction.

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