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Ciconia Nigra

Black Stork



The Black Stork is a large bird, measuring between 95-100 cm in length with a wingspan of 145-155 cm, and weight of around 3 kg. They have a long red legs, a long neck, and a long, straight, pointed red beak. The sexes are identical in appearance, except that males are larger than females on average.

Habitat & Distribution

Populations of this species thrive in remote forests, nesting on old trees close to freshwater wetlands. They migrate across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Europe hosts 19,500-27,800 mature individuals, spanning France, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Spain.



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Black Storks face numerous critical threats, primarily stemming from habitat loss caused by the rapid expansion of industries and agricultural practices, as well as construction of dams and drainage of lakes. The species is also killed by electrocution and collisions with power lines and overhead cables.

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