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Gypaetus Barbatus

Bearded Vulture



©Bart Vastenhouw

This bird measure 94–125 cm long with a wingspan of 2.31–2.83 m and weigh 4.5–7.8 kg. Unlike other vultures, the Bearded Vulture is not bald and has relatively small head. The adults have a black strip over the eyes and bristles at the base of the beak, which forms the distinctive appearance of a beard.

Habitat & Distribution

Bearded Vultures defend large territories for feeding and breeding. Their territory size is about 200-400 km2 and therefore it results in scattered distribution. The European population numbers are around 580-790 pairs, primarily residing in France, Spain, Balkans, with non-breeding individuals in Portugal.



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The mortality of this species is primarily attributed to non-target poisoning, direct persecution, habitat degradation, food unavailability, and the risks associated with powerlines and wind turbines. Urgent conservation efforts are essential to mitigate these threats.

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